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Health Fitness

  • Posted on May 29, 2012 at 7:10 pm

We track the feedback from our members through a monthly survey of a sample of members from every club every month. The questions we ask are strongly aligned with the Top Ten –i.e. are we living and breathing the Top Ten, and as a consequence are members getting the service they expect. Over the past 12 months our customer service score has improved from an average of 83% to 87%. Our net promoter score, a reference point that can be externally benchmarked has increased over the last 12 months from 18 to 23, a level which compares very favourably with a whole host of world class brands.

At the end of 2009 and into 2010 we have built on these foundations with the launch of our Strategy Map. The Strategy Map enables every single Fitness Firster worldwide to link their role to our operational focus areas, to our customer promise, to our business performance objectives through to our mission. This enables us to ground our mission statement in clearly laid out operational priorities, which ultimately link into our job descriptions, training programs and incentive arrangements.

Our Strategy Map has a number of perspectives, which build on one another.

The first is ‘Fitness Firsters', about our people which helps us be clear as to who we recruit, how we train and develop, how we reward and incentivise, how we promote, and how we lead and manage.

Next is ‘Operating with Excellence', our internal perspective which sets out the activities we must do well. This splits into four pillars: Sales, Fitness, Member Experience and Commercial Management and any initiative we implement at an operational level is linked back to our Strategy Map. That helps our people put our priorities into perspective which results in better implementation and better performance.

The third perspective is called ‘Inspiring our Members', our external perspective. This section contains our brand promise and our unique selling points (USPs) and helps us focus on what matters most to our members.

This will help us to achieve our Business Performance Objectives, which is to profitably, sustainably grow our business. Through this we can deliver our mission: "To be famous for making the world a fitter place; like minded staff and like minded members work together to make that difference".

During the course of the year we have conducted hundreds of workshops where our staff helped build our Strategy Map, and then assessed themselves either at national, regional or club level as to how they perform compared to the objectives set out in the Strategy Map. This exercise has created substantial buy into our strategy, and aided understanding and therefore execution of our operational priorities. I am confidently able to walk into any club worldwide and talk to the club manager about our strategy, where his or her club sits against that strategy, and what they are doing to better execute our strategy.

This natural evolution of the Mission and Values has caused much excitement in our business. In the 2010 survey we asked our people to rate 3 additional statements:

1. I have been made aware of our strategy through the Strategy Map
2. I understand the part I play in achieving our strategy
3. I believe in the strategy we have set out

These three statements recorded amongst the highest scoring responses, only behind ‘I support our company's mission statement' and ‘The 10 essentials are an important part of my day to day work.' In short this tells me that we have our people behind us in positioning Fitness First as the Health Club business that offers better service and better value for money than anyone else.

Never has achieving this position been more important. Across the world consumers are being more careful with their money; they have more choices as to where to go to help them achieve their health and fitness goals and the sector faces a level of commoditisation through the growth of the budget segment. The message is simple: provide great service and great value for money or under perform. This is the path we are on and we are making great progress.
CEO Report Colin Waggett

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Health & Fitness – Diet for Burning Fat

  • Posted on May 28, 2012 at 11:32 pm

Following a diet plan which includes high protein and fiber helps a lot to burn the excess fat around your middle, because the body burns more calories in digesting protein than fat.  Also cycling your diet between low carb and high carb is also of great help.

In this kind of diet one is allowed to have three meals in a day. Once in a week the dieter is allowed to eat whatever he likes but for one hour only. The concept of this diet is burn fat as the primary source of energy. Also altering between high carb and low carb helps in manipulating the glycogen metabolism and doesn’t let the body to store fat.

Bad carbs causes fatigue and sleepiness after the meal, so it is suggested to include good carbs in our diet that include brown rice , corn, white and sweet potatoes, pasta, fruit, and whole white bread.

You should also include protein rich foods in your diet like eggs oat meal low fat dietary products, lean cuts meal.

Sample diet for high carb day

Breakfast: Whole grain toast with honey, yogurt and fruit salad

Lunch: Turkey breast along withsweet potato (baked), green salad along with low fat dressing

Dinner: Chicken breast, zucchini, whole grain pasta

Dessert: Fruits

Sample diet for low carb day

Breakfast: Omelet of egg white with salsa and cheddar cheese

Lunch: Avocado and tuna with raw and large vegetable salad

Dinner: stir or frylean beef with peanut sauce and broccoli

Apart from following the above given sample diet plan people can consider the beneficial aspects of the following fat burning foods and can include them accordingly.

Eggs: Eggs are very high in protein and can burn that undesired belly fat. Eggs contain vitamin B12, a great supplement that breaks down fat cells. Eating too many eggs may increase the cholesterol level, so the best way is to omit the yolk and consume the protein rich egg white.

Beans: Beans are considered as very good source of protein, iron and fiber you have to be conscious selecting the type of beans in your diet. While kidney beans, white beans, lima beans and navy beans have nutritional value, baked or refried beans are totally discarded. Baked beans contain a lot of sugar and refried beans are loaded with saturated fat. While preparing beans, they are needed to be cooked thoroughly as some beans contain certain proteins that are not broken down by the digestive track.

Oatmeal: Oatmeal is not very good to taste but it has great nutritional qualities. It helps in lowering the blood cholesterol level. It contains soluble fibers which flushes out bad digestive acids from our system and helps lowering cholesterol level. It is better to eat the unsweetened and unflavored one, if needed honey can be added instead of sugar. It is also helpful n fighting heart disease and colon cancer.

Olive oil: olive oil is one of the good fats that burns fat and keep the cholesterol level down. It contains monounsaturated fat that is highly beneficial for our health.

Whole grains: One of the best ways to avoid thebad carb and give the necessary carbohydrates to the body is to consume whole grains, which are unprocessed and contains the necessary mineral and fiber for the body.

Tuna and salmon are also rich in protein and contains omega 3 fatty acid, the name fatty acid is deceptive and is actually is a good fat that  the immune system.

Oey Piu Hian


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Wish Health, Fitness, and Fat Loss? You Can Achieve This – No Gym Needed!

  • Posted on May 28, 2012 at 8:05 am

Do you think that to boost your health and fitness levels you've got to hitch a gym? Do you still believe that you have to exercise for half and hour or an hour every time to truly get results? Well if you answer yes to either of these queries, then you will notice that currently is that the time to form a modification!

Research has shown us that you can improve your health, fitness and lose fat by operating out at an intense level for simply ten minutes a day.

I love this!

Why? Because I hate operating out?? No, fully not! a result of we have a tendency to will observe ways to be work and healthy while not stressing about how we have a tendency to can work in 3 sessions every week at the gym and still get everything else done. Or about how we have a tendency to can get to the gym once we have nobody to look at the kids. OR.. The actual fact that you have no energy to travel back out to the gym when an extended day working.

The actual fact that exercising in bite sized chunks for just 10 minutes on a daily basis, removes one of the main barriers to exercise of...lack of your time! Let's have a have a look at some of the opposite barriers we have a tendency to will squash here!

?              Barrier 1: The exercises you'll be able to use to urge the full body working at an adequate intensity level do not want to be done in a very gym... you'll do it at home, in the garden, within the park.. no want to spend extra money.

?              Barrier a pair of: Lack of money. The equipment you use... is essentially your own body, to start with, then you can use... water bottles (crammed), rucksacks (containing books) anything you have got around the house.. which once more means no further cash to be spent!

?              Barrier three: Lack of motivation. You simply have to work for ten minutes at a moderately high intensity... Therefore you do not have to push yourself for an hour at a time.How several people are unable to keep up focus and keep themselves moving for just ten minutes!

With this kind of routine... you begin to feel results fast.. because you are using your whole body to urge moving... simply a very little bit at a time. You will not drop a dress size in the first week but you WILL start to feel your muscles fizzing with energy and your whole body and mental focus improve, really, quite quickly. Surely beginning to feel the advantages of very little bite sized chunks of your time spent on your fitness and health can facilitate to stay you motivated.

Over time you'll start to feel the effects in your energy levels, body shape, mental focus and after all your fat loss.. but all of this after all has got to be brought together with being mindful of what you eat... i.e keeping a good clean diet, free of toxins and additives and being attentive to, and operating towards clearing any negative thought patterns you have got that forestall you from reaching your goals.

So...Bite sized chunks of exercise should be the way forward for all people who are getting to be healthier and fitter, without having to devote valuable work or family time to the cause!

Plus if you are really aiming to improve your lifestyle, get the full family involved! Take your bite sized chunks in the garden, to the park, incorporate it as part of the dog walk. The key is to make it a way of life selection instead of a chore and you may reap the rewards of your efforts! Currently is that motivating, or what?

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